Here is how the promotion works:

Why have a Balloon Dress?

• Balloon Dresses are Amazing!
• Balloons Are Fun.
• People are excited to pop a balloon.
• Newsworthy ... get press and get more exposure!
• Balloon Dress can make up to 80% of the retail of your donated items.

Remember POP VALUE is determined by this equation:
RETAIL Value of donated items DIVIDED BY Number of items = POP VALUE
Example: $5,000 Value DIVIDED BY 200 items = $25 POP VALUE

Fee Percentage is on a sliding scale basis:
$2,000 below 50% of money raised
$2,001 - $3,000 40% of money raised
$3,001 - $5,000 30% of money raised
$5,001 - $10,000 25% of money raised
$10,001 + 20% of money raised
More prizes = More money net to your organization!

Rules of the POP PRIZE DRESS

• Every round balloon has a prize ball in it.

• Prize balls will be numbered and redeemed at the prize table. Please collect all the balls and return to Funny Money Productions. Missing balls Charge is $2 per ball.

• Organization will provide table display of prizes similar to a silent auction. 

• Organization will have at least one person manning prize table through whole event. (This way we get the people who leave early)

• Prize numbers are a secret!! please do not number items, instead have a master sheet with item numbers on it, the prize and a description what prize is (ie, gift certificate, framed art, box, bag, basket...)   (Excel spread sheet is best)

• Model and escort will solicit guests to POP a balloon for a donation amount. Cash Only will be accepted. This is the easiest and least cumbersome way of doing this.

• POP Value maybe lower later in evening to finish off the promotion. Discretion of the ESCORT.

• 1 to 4 ratio creates best results. One prize available per 4 guests. (25% participation ratio normal)  (50% couples, 25% non participants)

• Remember my MODEL is a person and deserves respect. I prefer someone from your organization .... However a model can be provided, Model fee is at $1 - $2 per pop paid by your organization.

• Remember to have BOTH valued and intrinsic prizes. Valued are monetary gift certificates and things with $$ on it. Intrinsic are items with a perceived value bottles of wine, salon shampoo, gift baskets. Inexpensive bottles of wine with a ribbon tied to it seem more valuable ; )

• Do not announce when the BIG prize is given out. Do have more than one big prize too.

It is strongly suggested to have a "Cinderella Moment" Where we introduce the balloon dress to the party. An introduction is given to the group about who, what and why we  are doing this. A list of enticing prizes should be read off. A SHORT auction could be held at this moment to sell the first POP on the dress. This drums up excitement for the dress, DJ or band should do periodical announcements to promote the dress further. REMEMBER it is a group effort. Dare, tease, beguile, razz, coo people into participating. More balloons popped at the top value more money for you organization. 

Please check my website link :  for pictures and descriptions.

Mark Byrne
Balloon Fashion Designer
International Designer and Performance Artist
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