trade show OR trade SHOW!


Most trade shows are pretty much the same. 2-3 sales people sitting in a booth waiting for someone to come by and show interest in their product. Oh yeah have a mint too....

What if your Trade Show was the talk of the show? There was a magic and message delivered and left your customers and potential customers with an everlasting memory of you and your company?

Look at the above stats. Compare Contest/Drawings to having a Magician Wouldn’t you like to get twice the bang for your buck?

Available talent:

Magicians, Mind Readers, Balloon Artists, Balloon Dress POP Promotion, Robots, Costumed Characters .... and pretty much anything you can dream up.

CALL ME for a custom presentation consultation.

We will make this year’s show the best ever.

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I know what your thinking... 

Can this guy make my Trade Show different and outstanding... YES I see Profit & Fun in your future!

Above picture is from a comedy mind reading character developed of a medical lawyer’s service conference.

See anything different here?

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