The Master Balloon Artist

$10 per child (Minimum of 10) or $250 per hour

Mark Byrne, Master Magician, Balloon Artist, and Balloon Art Instructor.  Mark is known for incredible, life-sized balloon art installations including landscapes, dresses, and costumes.   He designed a course in balloon art that has been an international best-seller for over 12 years and is an award-winning, world-class entertainer that performs for audiences in China, Australia, Europe, and all over the United States. Fun for all ages… SEE ADULTS HAVING BALLOON FUN AT VEGAS TRADESHOW .

Mark is funny, magically fast, and loves to entertain. It’s hard to track his movements as he wows the kids with custom designs including People, Toys, Animals, Vehicles, and amazing Balloon Hats.  Fast, even with complex designs, he delivers 20 to 25 balloon creations per hour.  Please note, that due to demand, Mark’s availability may be limited.  Please make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

Interactive Balloon Art

Top Hat Entertainment

Starts at $500 depending on location and day of the week.

Complete with a backdrop, music, and audience participation this 30-minute show is perfectly paced to keep the awe factor rising.  The show features a finale your guests will talk about for years as magical creatures come to life in fun and mind-bending ways.

Check out this snippet of his show!


(Balloons Art, Decor and face painting are additional charges)

Expert Balloon Artist

$7 per child (Minimum of 15) or $150 per hour

Our Expert Artists typically have 5 years or more of experience.  These talented entertainers can create a broad selection of balloon designs using multiple-balloons including complex animals, basic hats, and fun cartoon characters.  They can create balloons for 15-20 children per hour.

••• MAGIC •••

The Full Abracadabra (of Full Magic Immersion)

Starts at $700 depending on location and day of the week.

This is Mark’s flagship show.  Your designated space is transformed into a theater complete with a velvet backdrop and music that sets the stage for the wonder of magic.  This 45-minute show amazes from start to finish with a memorable finale involving Mark being swallowed whole by one his balloons.  Shows can be tailored for families, adults, and corporate events.  

WATCH MARK GET SWALLOWED BY A GIANT BALLOON!! This is the finally of his show

(Balloons Art, Decor and face painting are added charge)

The Strolling Magician/Close-up Experience

Starts at $250 depending on location and day of the week.

For larger parties or loose crowds we offer Strolling Magic. It can be added to a show for a Pre-show or Post Show Fun. This is a mobile show that takes up the space of one extra guest… a Master Magician. Entertainment Specialists mingles and performs through your party gathering small groups together to give them an intimate one on one. Mark can entertain 50 per hour in a banquet setting, 25 per hour in a cocktail setting  SEE A LIVE CLOSE UP PERFORMANCE!

(half hours are available too)

Custom Magic Effects or Balloons Art

You need something to magically Appear? or disappear? Need an effect for TV Commercial or Trade show? You want your product made out of balloons? Want to surprise your significant other?

We can do that and more...

Call or Text for a Quote 727-742-6713

Imagine there is no line at a busy carnival or big event.... instead the artist is calling off number for who is next. It is a system where your guests can do other fun activities while holding a virtual place in line. Our artists can end the line on time.

At no charge you can add the “NO Line method”

Arches Start @ $200 Or $10 per foot

Columns Start @ $100 each

(10 foot or less.3 ft Balloon or Mylar topper Extra)

Topiaries & Centerpieces Start @ $35 each

Helium Balloons 12” $3 each

           (dozen minimum Plus Travel)

Balloon Drops Start @ $200

           (100 balloons)

Organic Design Starts @ $500 or $50 per foot

Or Custom call for Quote

727-742-6713 Text or Call

Decor can make your party that much more fabulous!! Check out this short Video: THESE AREN’T YOUR MOTHER’S PARTY DECOR CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!

Funny Money productions has been providing quality entertainment for over 30 years. Unlike an agency we network with fellow performers to bring you the finest talent. We can provide Balloon artists, Balloon Decor, Face painting, magicians, Stilt Walkers, fire performers or anything you might be looking for!!

Check out below for Prices.

Featuring Mark, Sidney and Sabrina.... Your Amazing Balloon Team!!

Tampa Bay’s Best

Looking for Family Entertainment?

Did you know store bought Mylar Balloons can cost up to $20?

Did You Know goody bag are between $5-$15 of stuff that never gets used?

Did you know Balloons are made of tree sap and are biodegradable?

Professional Artist

$4 per child (Minimum of 20) or $100 per hour

Wonderful entertainers who delight kids with simple, yet fun designs.  Our Professional Artists have one to 4 years of experience and provide a selection of simpler, single balloon designs including animals, swords, and flowers.  Because their designs are simpler, these artists can create balloons for about 30-40 children per hour.

If you are not sure which artist is the best fit for your event? Call our offices.  We are happy to discuss options and availability. I hope this helps your Decision. CALL OR TEXT 727-742-6713

Not all balloon artist are the same.

Pure Magic Starts at $250 depending on location and weekday

This is a 20-minute sleight of hand show that has the audience asking “How did he do that?” from beginning to end.   No backdrop, or music so the audience is exclusively focused on the magic. Absolutely mesmerizing to see. 

(Balloons Art, Decor and face painting are added charge)

••Mermaid Parties (pirates too...) ••

Have a real live mermaid visit. Sarina the Mermaid is a regular at the 5 Star Resort the SandPearl Resort and the Opal Sands. Sarina arrives by portable Seashell Throne. She can interact with guests on dry land or in the water!

Sarina’s tail is no toy... it is a movie quality dragon silicon prosthetic. The best reactions from children are “You are a REAL mermaid!!” She poses for pictures and swims, plays games in your pool. She also has a story time and gives children mermaid scales from her other mer-friends. A Pirate can be added to the fun and help keep the “boys” occupied.

Sarina does have a mermaid wrangler (2 people total) to help her get around on dry land.

$150 per hour

(Make the handler a pirate for $75 per hour)